Doug Stromback

Doug Stromback is a founder and managing partner in Stromback Ventures.

Doug is a former professional hockey player who grew up in Detroit, Michigan.   He left home at seventeen years old to pursue a hockey career. Doug played in the OHL, ECHL and CHL and was drafted and under contract with the Washington Capitals of the NHL. During his tenure in the OHL, he won the Molson Cup 3-Star Award for the Belleville Bulls. He was also recognized in the OHL Coaches Poll as the best skater, fastest skater, best penalty killer, and hardest worker. Later, he was a First Team All Star in the ECHL where he played for the Erie Panthers and the infamous Johnstown Chiefs from the movie “Slap Shot”. Hockey laid a foundation for success and helped Doug to develop his tireless work ethic and leadership skills.  Doug attended Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After graduation, Doug relocated to California and went on to pursue a variety of opportunities. He continued to play professional hockey, enjoyed a successful run as a commercial actor and began his business career during this time.
Doug was an early stage investor and board member for Web Group, a recognized leader in IT Services. With his help, the company grew from a sole employee to over ninety employees with $10 million in annual sales – a compounded growth of over 1,400% for four years. Stromback helped drive the company to be recognized by Inc. Magazine, which named Web Group the 189th fastest growing private company in the United States from 1997 to 2002.  After Web Group, he began a career in structured finance and over the course of five years he became a top executive with over $500 million in transactions. During that time, he became an active Venture Capital investor in Clean Technology, funding notable ventures such as Ecology Coatings. While serving as an Advisor to Ecology Coatings, Doug’s extensive network of relationships with international business, finance and political leaders proved to add great value to its efforts.

Today, Doug plays a thought leadership role in both Clean Technology and Venture Capital. As such, in March of 2008 he was an active participant/coordinator of ‘The Ecology Summit’, a gathering of world leaders co-hosted by Sir Richard Branson and Richard Stromback on Necker Island. He currently has active leadership roles with Ecology Ventures, Stromback Ventures, and Stromback Global Advisors among others.

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